About us

Anaview was originally founded in 2003 as a design house for Class D amplifiers and power supplies.

Between 2003 and 2009 Anaview developed custom designs for successful audio companies around the world, based on proprietary circuitry and advanced technology.

In 2009, two patent applications were filed that brought Anaview's technology to a new level; APC (Adaptive Pole Control) and AMS
(Adaptive Modulation Servo). Both are circuits that strive to optimize the behaviour of basic globally self modulated Class D topologies without significantly increasing the parts count.

In 2013, Anaview was acquired by the ETAL Group with the aim to further develop Anaview's product portfolio and also expand it's geographical presence, signifying a vital step towards our goal of being recognised as a world leading supplier of high-end audio amplifiers for OEM manufacturers.

At present, Anaview has own sales offices in Europe, USA and Asia. Sales are also made through distribution partners. All product development takes place in our own facilities in Helsingborg, Sweden.


Anaview is brand name of ETAL Group. Since 1968, ETAL Group has been a leading supplier of in-house developed high-performance magnetic components, primarily transformers and inductors. Together with Anaview we shall develop, manufacture and sell magnetic components and audio amplifiers on a world wide market. With high service level and commitment and in close cooperation with our customers, ETAL shall operate as an innovative supplier through the entire component life cycle.

To learn more about ETAL Group, please visit www.etalgroup.com


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