"What is the patented technology of the ANAVIEW Class D Amplifiers?"

"Do the Class D Amplifier boards include the power supply?"

"Do you have a block diagram available for the PCBA which shows the function blocks?"

"Is the DSP included in the amps?"

"I intend to buy individual chips and to develop my own amp board. Why should I consider the ANAVIEW OEM products?"

"What control and diagnostioc signals are being provided with the ANAVIEW amp modules?"



Our patented technology


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power supply onboard?

- Yes, for all modules except ALA0080-2000.

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block diagram for the PCBA with function blocks?

- Available in published datasheets found on this web site, click products to read more.

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DSP included in the amps?

- No, but the ANAVIEW modules with integrated SMPS (i.e. all modules except ALA0080-2000) all have auxiliary voltage outputs to support/power a DSP solution/front-end.

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individual chips vs. the ANAVIEW OEM products

Several reasons, two of them are;

1) ANAVIEW have patents and custom made IC’s that gives our amps very good performance at an affordable price.

2) Developing a HIFI Class D amplifier is very difficult, there are several factors that determine the end product performance, and without very good knowledge within the area of switched mode power supplies and/or amplifiers the development time will be very long and expensive.

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control and diagnostic signals that are being provided with the ANAVIEW amp modules

There are many control and diagnostic signals provided with the module. To mention few of them; standby and mute function, linear temperature output, clip indicators etc.
They are all well described in detail in published datasheets. Click products to read more.

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