Drawmer MPA-90 & CPA-50

ETAL Group announce that Drawmer Electronics has based its newly released MPA90 and CPA50 stereo amplifiers on its Anaview ALC Class D amplifier modules. Drawmer has launched the two amplifiers in response to the renewed popularity of passive speakers, and is offering them as companions to its MC series of monitor controllers as well as to home users.

Kieron Clough, Product Manager at Drawmer Electronics Ltd., said, “Studios and home users are currently moving back to passive speakers and some classic speaker brands from the 70s/80s such as Auratone with their Soundcubes are seeing a resurgence. Customers were starting to ask what amplifier we would recommend to fit between our monitor controller and these passives. So we decided to create our own studio quality amplifier that perfectly matched our products.”

He continued, “ETAL Anaview modules have a great reputation, and when we first saw the module we were amazed that such a small unit could deliver 180W. We are very impressed with the design and the quality of the product, and its compact size has allowed us to create a small and attractively styled amplifier that fits as well into the home as the studio environment. The Anaview amplifiers have proved a great basis for us to create a differentiated product that stands out in the market. Based on the outstanding Anaview core module, we designed our own front end circuitry and added numerous features. For example, in addition to standard stereo power amplifier operation, a flick of a switch sets the MPA-90 to mono mode, and with a little speaker cable rewiring, it functions as a 180W into 8 ohms mono block, allowing the system to operate in bi-amped or bridged modes. We also offer switchable balanced Neutrik XLR and unbalanced Phono inputs.”

Kieron Clough concluded, “The relationship with ETAL has been very good indeed. The design and production cycle was painless and the final products looked and sounded better than we could have wished for.”

Based on an Anaview ALC-0180, the Drawmer MPA-90 delivers 90W per channel into 4 Ohms or can be configured as a 180W mono block into 8 ohms. It is designed for powering passive monitors in the studio, but is equally suitable as a component in a home hi-fi system. The efficient low heat design with low power consumption consumes only 10W of power when idling, up to 55W when driven and only 0.2W when in standby mode. The 6.5” square, 25W, CPA-50 Stereo Power Amp is a compact, lightweight unit for the home or professional studio environment, and is based on the Anaview ALC-0100. The amplifiers have been recommended by several passive speaker manufacturers, including Auratone.

Drawmer CPA-50 and MPA-90 amplifiers incorporating Anaview Class D modules can be heard at the forthcoming AES show in Los Angeles, Sept 29-Oct 1 on  the stand of North American distributor Trans Audio <number>.

About Drawmer Electronics
Drawmer Electronics, based in Yorkshire, England, was founded by Ivor Drawmer whose passion was designing audio circuits. Since the introduction of the DS201 noise gate in 1982 Drawmer products have consistently remained the unequivocal choice of producers, engineers and artists, and, as such, have been installed in almost every major recording studio, live venue and broadcast facility throughout the world. Drawmer products are the engineer’s indispensable tools that elevates good sound into truly stunning audio. For more information visit www.drawmer.com.