Parasound, ZoneMaster

ETAL Group and Parasound today confirmed that Parasound ZoneMaster high-performance amplifiers for custom installation are based on ETAL Anaview ALC-180 Class D amplifier modules. The audio quality of Parasound Class AB amplifiers is legendary in the industry.

Commenting, Richard Schram, president and founder of Parasound, said, “When we conceived ZoneMaster, it was clear that we needed, for the first time in our history, to adopt Class D amplifier technology for the power stage to achieve a marketable solution. In the light of this, we searched high and low for Class D power modules that could stand alongside our Class AB sound, and deliver the exemplary reliability that customers and installers expect from Parasound.”

He continued, “When we evaluated Anaview ALC Class D modules, I can say that we did our level best to break them without success. Over the two years since we have launched the ZoneMaster product, we have developed a very healthy respect for these modules and the company. The ALC sounds great, and the number of failures on delivery and in the field have been negligible.  The relationship with ETAL has been drama free – they have consistently delivered quality units on time and on schedule.”

ZoneMaster uses a Parasound-designed discrete Class AB input stage paired with an ETAL Anaview ALC-180 Class D power stage for each channel pair to achieve sonic performance consistent with Parasound's audiophile heritage, while meeting industry demand for absolute dependability.

The Anaview ALC Class D amplifier line from ETAL is one of the industry’s most popular Class D amplifiers, with more than 2 million channels shipped over four years. This great sounding Class D amplifier family is offered in five different levels of power from 50W to 1000W per channel. All models feature Energy Star (<1W) compliant standby supplies suitable for use with 110V or 240V mains.

About Parasound
Founded in 1981, Parasound Products, Inc., is a privately owned U.S. company that specialises in providing affordable audio components to the critical listener. The company's ever-improving line of audio products has garnered a reputation for performance, value, and reliability, with quality control second to none.
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